Why outpace.IO ?

outpace.IO is introducing the next generation of Ethernet storage with solutions that provide flexible and high-performance storage to architectures of all sizes. Using innovative software, industry standard commodity hardware, and Ethernet, outpace.IO enable a scale-out Ethernet storage solution that is ideally suited for dynamic high performance computing, video, virtualization and cloud environments

    Object / Block / File ?

        Why choose one

    when you can do all ?

  • OBBLFI_2

    … on the same platform …

  • … and grow in minutes by just

    plugging drives on the network …


Easy&FlexibleEasy and Flexible

Save on OPEX and expand your storage footprint in minutes

Simple & Fast

Simple configuration – just add drives

on the (Ethernet) Wire

Fits All your needs

Whether its Object, Block or File based, its all on the same platform when and where you need it

Start Small and Hyperscale

From a few drives in a shelf to multiple racks,

grow as far as the network will take you

AdaptiveAndOpenAdaptive and Open

Protect your investment and Accelerate your Business

Face all your Workloads

From SATA to NVMe, tune your engine

with enterprise features

Back End or Front End

From single appliances to distributed architectures based on the same platform

Ease of Management

Automate and auto provision your storage through RESTFull API

Our Products

A series

Designed for performance, scalability, and simplicity, outpace.IO storage

A Series arrays enable a scale-out Ethernet SAN architecture that is ideally suited
for virtualization, cloud and big data environments

Make your SATA, SAS, SSD and NVME drives available through 10 or 40 Gb
Ethernet high speed connectivity.

Make your integration easier to operate with key features:

  • Open RestFul APIs for Full Orchestration
  • Pro-Active monitoring and notifications
  • Secure remote support
  • Software initiators (No more HBAs)
  • Friendly (Linux Like) CLI : Completion, color..
  • Up to 560 TB per chassis …
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Z series

outpace.IO Z series is a family of NAS appliances that combines the innovative and feature rich ZFS file system with scale-out, massively parallel Ethernet backend storage solutions powered by outpace.IO A series.

  • NFS and CIFS file protocols allow secure data sharing between
    Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux and UNIX environments
  • Thin provisioning, data compression and in-line deduplication
  • Snapshots, clones, and remote replication
  • Hybrid Storage Pools enabling an optimized storage hierarchy with
    DRAM, flash cache, and HDDs …
  • Optional clustered NAS front-end support for high availability applications.
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